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Have you ever actually found the best of both worlds? With continuous fragrance that lasts up to 60 days and a design that adds a special touch to the look of your living spaces, this sophisticated glass holder keeps your home smelling fresh, while remaining stylish and discreet. Is it function meets form, or vice-versa? Exactly.

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  • Benefits

    Glade® Discreet® electric warmers, stylish decor holders, bathroom holders, and car holders come in designs that complement any room. Refills are available in many of your favourite Glade® fragrances.
  • Safety

    MAY IRRITATE EYES. Do not get in eyes. Keep out of reach of children and pets.
    FIRST AID TREATMENT: Contains fragrance oils. If swallowed, call a Poison Control Centre or doctor immediately. Do not induce vomiting. If in eyes, rinse with water for 20 minutes. Do not use in small confined pet areas without adequate ventilation.
  • Directions

    Peel off the silver foil from the fragrance refill using peel tab, uncovering the membrane where the fragrance is released. Insert the refill into your Discreet® holder, with the open membrane facing outwards. Stand Discreet® Decor on a flat surface, plug Discreet® Electric into an electrical outlet; put Discreet® car with the vent facing outwards; stick or stand Discreet® Bathroom. As fragance refill freshens, liquid gel will begin to dry. When the liquid gel is nearly gone, discard the refill and replace it. Use only Glade® Discreet® refills in Glade® Discreet® air fresheners.
  • FAQs & Tips

    Are electric air fresheners hazardous to your health? No. When used according to label instructions, in real life situations, air fresheners are safe. In addition, there is no evidence supporting a significant risk to human health from the use of air fresheners under normal conditions.

    I have read postings on the Internet alleging that Glade® electric air fresheners have been involved in fires. Is this true? SC Johnson is aware that there have been postings on the Internet that have claimed that our products were involved in fires. It is important that you know that all of our electric air fresheners are safe and will not cause fires. We know this because Glade® electric air fresheners have been sold for more than 15 years and hundreds of millions of the products are being used safely. As a more-than-100-year-old family-owned company, SC Johnson is committed to providing top-quality products that can be used safely in homes, and we want to reassure you that Glade® electric air fresheners can be used with complete confidence.

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