Glade® Sport™

Our cars say a lot about us. Glade® Sport™’s innovative design allows you to control the intensity level of fragrance while it’s modern look blends seamlessly into your car’s interior—making it more of an accessory than an air freshener. With a contemporary design and unique fragrances that reflect your style, the only thing better than the fresh scent are the compliments that come with it.

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  • Benefits

    Glade® Sport™ car air freshener gives you a refreshing fragrance that provides a relaxing ambience throughout your car. Simply clip Glade® Sport™ to the air vent and adjust the control for the amount of fragrance you desire.

  • Safety

    Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Directions

    1. Slide metal clip onto the back of the diffuser.
      NOTE: Set clip either horizontally or vertically to fit your car vent.
    2. Twist bottle to open the diffuser.
    3. Keep bottle in an UPRIGHT POSITION at all time. Unscrew cap (A). Remove and discard wick cover (B). Replace cap (A).
    4. Place the bottle in the diffuser and close diffuser firmly.
    5. Clip the diffuser onto one of the car vent blades, NOT BETWEEN THE BLADES. Check if the diffuser is secured and in an UPRIGHT POSITION.
    6. Adjust fragrance level as desired. (0 - low, 1 - medium, 2 - high). IMPORTANT: Ensure that the Glade® Sport™ unit is in an UPRIGHT POSITION when installing. Do not tilt Glade® Sport™ unit more than 45 degrees to avoid perfume leakage that may cause subsequent damage to certain car surfaces.

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