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Glade® Hang It Fresh

Add a fresh fragrance to your home with Glade® Hang It Fresh. Its versatile design is perfect for small and medium environments and it releases a long-lasting, continuous fragrance that’s sure to be noticed for all the right reasons.

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  • Benefits

    Beads in pouch with continuous long-lasting, freshening action from fragrances inspired by nature. Ideal for bathroom, car, shoe shelves, closet and other small spaces. Not for use in food storage areas.
  • Safety

    WARNING: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS. Do not ingest. HARMFUL IF SWALLOWED. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Do not expose to direct sunlight. FIRST AID: In the event of contact with eyes or skin, wash immediately with plenty of water for 20 minutes. If the irritation persists, consult a physician.
  • Directions

    Remove bead sachet from package and hang it or place it in the desired space. It is recommended to replace the sachet every 3-4 weeks.