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    Inspire meaningful moments with simple, layered scents.
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    Jasmine Cedarwood

    A sensorial tangle of jasmine, cedarwood, apples and rose petals.

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    Coconut Beach Woods

    Inviting layers of beach woods, starfruit and coconut.

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    Patchouli Amber

    A velvety kiss and patchouli and amber.

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    Sweet Pea Pear

    Soft, playful layers of sweet pea and sun-warmed pears.

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    Mandarin Mimosa

    A sparkling pop of orange, water lily and violet petals.

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Awaken something real in your home

New Glade® Essentials Room Mist, fragrances infused with essential oils.


Coconut & Beach Woods Essentials Room Mist


Patchouli & Amber Essentials Room Mist


Sweet Pea & Pear Essentials Room Mist


Jasmine & Cedarwood Essentials Room Mist


Mandarin & Mimosa Essentials Room Mist

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