3 Easy Steps to Spice Up Your Home with Cinnamon

3 Easy Steps to Spice Up Your Home with Cinnamon

Few things are as instantly recognizable, or as tied to feeling, as the warm scent of cinnamon. It’s remarkable how one sniff transports your soul. But how did the shaved brown bark of a tree become a household staple?

Cinnamon was once considered more precious than gold. During the Middle Ages, Europeans regarded cinnamon as an exotic status symbol. By the 17th century, cinnamon had become the most profitable spice in the market.

People have been cooking with cinnamon for thousands of years, but throughout history its sweet-spiciness has also been used in medicine and religious ritual. Today we use the warm, inviting spice in everyday baking and cold-weather comforts. But in other parts of the world, cinnamon adds dimension to everyday savory dishes. Here are some easy ways you can add more spice to your life.

1. Simmer with Cinnamon

The fastest way to steep your whole house in the scent of cinnamon is to drop cinnamon sticks in a small pot of cold water. (About a cup of water for each stick.) Bring the water to a rolling boil. Continue to let it boil until the water starts to turn brown, then reduce the heat to low and simmer the sticks for five minutes. Save and reuse the boiled cinnamon sticks.

2. Season Your Living Space

Spark a feeling of warmth into any living space with the big, beautiful Apple Cinnamon Candle. The comfort and glow of candlelight can raise your emotions to levels of warmth you never thought possible.

3. Get Swept Away

Give your guests an especially warm welcome by placing a fragrant cinnamon broom, found in many grocery stores, in your entryway.

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