Give Your Living Space an Energetic Lift

Give Your Living Space an Energetic Lift

For those rooms lacking liveliness, add a rush of vibrant energy with the power of scent. With Glade® Red Honeysuckle Nectar®, we wanted to create something with energy and life and a little attitude, so we turned to the legendary charm of honeysuckle.

Hidden Charm

It’s no accident that honeysuckle is most fragrant at night. After all, nighttime is when their favorite pollinators come out and honeysuckle knows to turn up the charm. As if the beautiful, boldly hued, bell-shaped flower weren’t enough, honeysuckle tempts passersby with a heady, intoxicating floral perfume. It is all at once seductively honeyed, and deceptively peaceful, drawing the sniffer in closer and closer to savor the scent.

Young at Heart

Our hope was to capture the carefree spirit of the honeysuckle and treasured childhood memories of playing by where they grow. Youth and vibrancy were crucial to the scent, so we turned to fruit to punch up the fun. Sure enough, notes of strawberry, raspberry and nectarine added the energy and fruity freshness we were looking for, but there was still something missing.

Core Strength

We still needed to get to the core of the flower, the nectar. There’s a reason deer, bees, insects and hummingbirds all flock to red honeysuckle. It’s the sugary nectar found in the center, and it was the last element we needed to get the scent just right. But our fragrance isn’t particularly sugary, and that’s no accident. What we wanted to convey was the idea of the nectar. So when you take in Glade® Red Honeysuckle Nectar®, you don’t smell the sweetness, you experience it.

Enjoy the uplifting scent of Glade® Red Honeysuckle Nectar®. It’s a fragrance designed to bring a boost to your day and a smile to your nose. Discover more uplifting ideas on Pinterest. Feel energized. #FeelGlade