Not Just Plain Vanilla, It’s Bottled Happiness

Not Just Plain Vanilla, It’s Bottled Happiness

It's your favorite song on the radio or finding five dollars in your pocket. It's having a craving for something sweet only to discover someone left a cupcake on your desk. It's Sheer Vanilla Embrace—our sweet confectious treat. Let's take a look on how we created pure fun.

The Fun Behind the Fragrance

We wanted people to feel a burst of excitement. One whiff and you’ll feel the sudden need to dance around the room with delight.

Lightening the Mood

This happy fragrance makes you feel right at home. So comfortable in fact that you might burst into singing your favorite song….even though you're slightly off-key

The Sweet Side

Creamy buttercream meets hazelnut goodness to make up the sweet notes in this to-die-for combination. It's the joy you get from icing the cupcakes then grabbing a spoon and sneaking a big bite of frosting. It makes your sweet tooth smile.

The Bright Side

Apple meets pineapple meets orchid. It's all the right notes. Pair it with vanilla and you have a power chord. It's a sudden burst of sunshine through the clouds on an overcast day.

Can’t get enough of Sheer Vanilla Embrace? Find more ways to find that energetic boost on Pinterest. Feel happy. #FeelGlade