Spark a Feeling of Warmth with Apple Cinnamon

Spark a Feeling of Warmth with Apple Cinnamon

Raise your emotions to levels of warmth you never thought possible. A simple smell can spark a feeling that spreads all over. The scent of freshly picked apples and warm cinnamon can give you that feeling of home wherever you may be.

The Feeling Behind the Fragrance

We wanted to evoke a warm, cozy and inviting feeling from all who experience it. One that makes you want to kick off your shoes and stay awhile.

How a Scent Can Feel as Warm as Home

It smells like that moment when you are waiting for a fresh-from-the-oven pie to cool before taking that first bite. Where other apple cinnamons tend to be more perfume-based, this scent takes an edible approach. More vanilla also comes through which is right on trend to what’s going on in fine fragrance and puts Glade® Apple Cinnamon ahead of its time." —Creator of Glade® Apple Cinnamon

Warm Cider on a Cold Day

A complex blend of cinnamon bark and tree oil were incorporated to give this scent its warm and spicy vibe. It's the warmth you instantly get by simply adding a cinnamon stick to your apple cider.

What Holds it All Together

Cinnamon and clove are the heart of the fragrance. They closely tie scent with memory and help you experience the warm comforting feeling of being at home in your PJs after a long day.

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