Summing Up The Fragrance Formula

Summing Up The Fragrance Formula

At one time or another, we’ve all experienced the power of scent. We’ve felt how, more than any of our other senses, smell can trigger memories and influence our mood. And though we’ve always known it was true, we wanted to understand the science behind why. What makes the perfect scent such an emotional experience?

The answer lies in the olfactory bulb, which transmits smells from our nose to our brain. It’s closely associated with the limbic system, which controls our memories and emotions.

Speaking of scent, the wide variety of Glade® fragrances are some of the most iconic and enjoyable in the world. From fresh-dried laundry to fresh-baked cookies, they give you a feeling and are designed to lift our spirits. But have you ever wondered what gives a fragrance its recognizable aroma? Let’s check our notes.

The Science of Scent

“Notes” are descriptors of scents in a fragrance, and each fragrance consists of three different levels:

1. Top notes, also called “head notes,” are made up of many light molecules that quickly evaporate, and give us our first impression of a fragrance. They’re generally scents that are fresh, assertive and familiar, like berries or citrus.

2. Middle notes are the second wave of a fragrance, and appear just as the top notes begin to dissipate. Generally more mellow and subdued, they form the main body of a fragrance. Common middle notes, such as lavender and rose, are also known as the “heart notes.” Isn’t that lovely?

3. Last come the base notes. Largely rich and deep, they add depth to a fragrance and generally aren’t noticeable until a short time after a fragrance appears. Interestingly, some base notes are initially unpleasant to our noses, and are often masked by middle notes until they become more agreeable.

These three layers (called a fragrance triangle) interact to create the scent we smell, and though you may not be able to identify each and every note, they all play an important role. You can explore each of our fragrances unique triangles throughout our website’s “Well-Noted” sections – You may be surprised what you find!

So the next time you’re enjoying the familiar and fruity scent of Glade® Apple Cinnamon or the refreshing and stimulating aroma of Glade® Blue Odyssey, remember: There’s more to a fragrance than meets the nose.

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