Red Honeysuckle Nectar®

Prepare for an uplifting experience. A rich bouquet perfumes the air with vibrant florals and positive vibes.
Celebrate life's littlest joys

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  • Red Honeysuckle Nectar

    Just A Moment

    The playful scent of Red Honeysuckle Nectar is fresh, flirty and floral. Perfect, because sometimes it's life's littlest moments that bring the most charm.

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  • Red Honeysuckle Nectar

    Like changing dresses six times
    only to settle on the first.

  • Red Honeysuckle Nectar

    And stepping in to your most favorite,
    least practical shoes.

  • Red Honeysuckle Nectar

    Or the boost you get when you notice a scent
    that always smells happy to see you.

  • Red Honeysuckle Nectar

    Or twirling in time to the song in your head.
    Life is full of charming little moments.

  • Red Honeysuckle Nectar

    Red Honeysuckle Nectar™


Playful aromas of honeysuckle, violet and nectarine join the cheerful scent of watery green florals, blood orange, and apples. Together, they fill any room with good feelings and flirtatious charm.  

  • apple, dewberry, blood orange, mango, nectarine, raspberry, strawberry
  • honeysuckle, lotus flower, muguet, freesia
  • violet, violet leaf

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