Apple Cinnamon

Home is the one place you can keep it real and keep it cozy. The scent of crisp McIntosh apples, cinnamon and nutmeg fill your home with the welcoming impression of spiced mulled cider, and feelings of genuine warmth and comfort.
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    Journey Home

    The instantly recognizable fragrance of Glade® Apple Cinnamon quickly transports us back to a place we all know and love—a place we call home.

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    Where fond memories of apple picking
    and cozy family nights never end.

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    And the scent of sweet apple orchards mingles
    with the sun's beautiful glow to warm our hearts.

  • glade apple cinnamon story 4

    A place where cinnamon sticks boiling
    on the stove fills the house with love.

  • glade apple cinnamon story 5

    A place we're always welcome.


Slip away and dream of simpler times as the warm, rich aroma of McIntosh apples, mixed berries and apple cider surround you. The spice of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove mingle with sweet vanilla and cream for a scent as recognizable as a loving call from the back porch. Turns out you can go home again.

  • apple cider, mixed fruits, berries
  • nutmeg, cinnamon, clove
  • vanilla, cream, woods

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