4 Wonderful Ways to Give Thanks

4 Wonderful Ways to Give Thanks

Thanksgiving is about so much more than just the gobble gobble. It’s a time to be invigorated by the crisp fall air, to notice the crunch of fallen leaves and really take in the wafting swirl of aromas right before the feast is served. Gathered together, surrounded by love and laughter, it’s a perfect opportunity to create a new tradition of fun, authentic moments of gratitude. Try these ideas to reflect on all you have to be thankful for and, in turn, to feel appreciated.

1. Giving Praise
Hang posterboard and a marker in your family’s most high-traffic area. Write down each family member’s name and ask everyone to add the things they love most about each other throughout the day.

2. A Sense of Gratitude
Is it the sound of cheers after a touchdown or the scent of candied yams that says“Thanksgiving”? For each of the five senses, ask everyone to share a season-related reason they feel gratitude.

3. Grateful for Each Plateful
Ask each guest to draw the Thanksgiving dish they’re most grateful for. Mix up the artwork and have the group start guessing who drew what as everyone digs into their pie.

4. Share Memories and Make New Ones

On scraps of paper, write one of each of these five categories: person, day, place, experience, memory, item. Have each person around the table chose a paper and tell a story about what they are grateful for in that category.

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